Thursday 26 November 2015

Dealing with Salesforce Periods in Qlikview

SalesForce is brilliant and reporting on it in Qlikview is really easy with the Qlikview SalesForce Connector.

--However reporting on Forecasts with actual amounts turns into a bit of a nightmare, see below for how I've started puzzling this out

The data in this report is generated purely from inline tables so you will need to work out how to link this to your Salesforce environment.

The problems faced in reporting on forecasting periods are

  • Multiple periods exist in the same table (Year,Quarter,Month)
  • Opportunities do not have a clear link with periods 
  • Periods may not exist for opportunities*
* I'm unsure currently how the periods are maintained within Salesforce

The ways to resolve this are:
  • Split period table into three separate tables to 
  • Define a link on each opportunity using CloseDate to each period
  • Using maps to get around null periods
  • Use drilldown groups to allow easy navigation between periods

The table structure looks like the below.

This structure can be tailored to your business, dependent on how salesforce forecasting has been done. If you only forecast by quarter then only use the quarter map.

I'll be leaving all maps in place, just in case there are changes in the future!

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